Appetizers, First & Main Courses

Full meals may range from three to six courses or sometimes, especially during specific ceremonies such as weddings, confirmations etc.., more. Curiously, appetizers or antipasti don't rate a number, even if the range of appetizers offered in some places would constitute a feast. The first course primo piatto may consist of pasta, risotto, polenta, gnocchi or soup. The second or main course secondo piatto may cover seafood, meat, poultry, game, or vegetable dishes.

Usually Italians don’t like to invert the order of the courses and they always eat the primo, first course, before the main course and also before the salad that is typically considered a contorno, side dish. The contorno is usually eaten with the main course and for the most part the roasted vegetables or potatoes are considered contorni unless are served as appetizers. During important meals they are usually served with a minimum of two first courses and two main courses that usually are meat first and then fish, and between the two, they serve a lemon sorbet to clean your mouth and engage the flavors.

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